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How Kyle Bobbitt, LLC Assists it’s Customers

Custom Home builder Transparency

You must have heard it from several people; you know how their previous contractor extorted and deceived them. So now you’re not sure who to hire and become skeptical. I simply cannot blame customers who had such untrustworthy experiences with contractors. Which is why I try to put our customers at ease by hiring Kyle Bobbitt LLC to build a home the right way. If you are searching for a custom home builder near Wake Forest then look no further.

A Trusted Home Builder

When a client starts working with us, they have little knowledge of how we operate and how trustworthy we are. At Kyle Bobbitt LLC we prioritize building relationships with our clients by providing them with complete knowledge of how we operate. Thus, we think it is most important to let our clients know our previous experience as we’ve been in business for 17 years and how we can plan to implement their project. We are always going to be as transparent as possible. We do that so our clients are comfortable moving forward and so we can maintain professionalism.


Clients are always eager to know where their hard-earned money is used since they rely on our team and us to provide them with the best outcome. Whether it’s a custom home or the construction of a five-star hotel, we let our customers know what work we’re doing and how much each component is going to cost. Also including a schedule as to when the project will end and whenever we’ll be on site. People are sometimes uncomfortable with workers being on site suddenly which is why we ensure to always be involved. As your selected custom home builder near me we ensure the project stays on time and budget.


One reason why clients deem contractors unworthy is that they don’t feel included. Thus we like to keep our clients involved at all times and uplift them to ask as many questions as they want regarding the project. We like to be there for our customers when they’re trusting us with such important tasks. By keeping open conversations, customers feel confident and comfortable, giving them a greater sense of involvement.

Having transparency means that you will be open to sharing information with your clients. This will not only gain their trust but also build healthy communication amongst you and others, strengthening your prospective clients’ engagement and cooperation with your business.


We like getting as much feedback as possible on our decisions. We try to use that feedback and make improvements to our business accordingly. We want to keep everything in our business transparent because we think it is the correct thing to do. We think the best way to develop ourselves and cater to our customers needs is by being transparent.


We like to not only let our customers have full knowledge about their projects but also show them how our businesses work. Social media, announcements, and blogs are ways we like to connect with our clients on a much broad level. in doing so we can assist them in feeling more involved and connected with the business.

If a business is being as transparent as it can; however, they’re not providing the result that it promised, then its pointless. Kyle Bobbitt LLC believes If you make commitments with clients that you’re going to do something, then you should implement it. Fulfilling our claim as the best Custom home builder in the area has the upmost importance to us.

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