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At Kyle Bobbitt LLC, we use the Cost Plus project pricing model: We let our customers know upfront what work we are going to do, and the associated costs (design, materials, labor etcetera) so you’re fully informed before construction gets underway.

To put it simply, cost plus contracts (also known as open book or cost reimbursement contracts) mean that our customer pays us for all business-related expenses plus an additional predetermined profit that pays our team. The contract will state the costs paid by the home or business owner and define how the `plus’ is calculated. This system of transparency results in increased customer trust, because as the Harvard Business Review points out, `No pricing method is easier to communicate or to justify. Cost-plus pricing is inherently fair and nondiscriminatory to customers.’  Clients get a deeper level of budget and pricing transparency with a cost plus contract, compared to lump sum or fixed price agreements.


When you invest in a custom home, you get the exact home you want, and can actually save money in the long run! From the onset, you’ll work with our Kyle Bobbitt team to create the home design you’ve been dreaming of, which eliminates the need for messy home installations, additions, renovations, or the costly maintenance of an older home. By choosing a custom build, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind home built specifically for you, incorporating all the elements you want so the house is exactly what you want. You also have the freedom to tweak the design, adding or subtracting elements and collaborating on ideas or changes with us, truly making it your ideal space. You can customize based on what you want to go into the home as well, especially in regard to appliances or specialty features like central vacuum system, laundry chute, wine cellar- the options are endless!

You also get the freedom to build on the lot you want, not a predetermined lot, so you choose the location, lot size, terrain, and privacy you desire. And of course, you get a say in what materials go into the home, from construction materials to design elements, to achieve the design, function and look you desire. Because Kyle Bobbitt LLC is so well established in building custom homes, we have good relationships with local suppliers, which will benefit your bottom line when we price out materials, fixtures, and other custom design elements.

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Kyle Bobbitt is not just a family business but also the perfect fit for your construction needs. We are an experienced construction company that provides services in North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee.

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We service custom build projects in North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee.

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123 S White St, Wake Forest, NC 27587

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