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The Procedure of Design-Build: Know the Basics

Using a Design-build General Contractor is one of the best manners when you want to shift your dream home to reality, as it makes the process way easier. The design-build procedure can be implemented and finished quicker in less time if you hire a General Contractor. At Kyle Bobbitt LLC, we offer its customers custom design-build services which can benefit them immensely.


Some simple initial steps can make your experience a lot easier. Therefore, as your Design Build General Contractor we are going to mention them below. The first step is to look for the right piece of land and deciding on what design you want. Hiring the right General contractor will enhance your experience making it easier for you.

The importance of deciding on a general contractor that fits your needs is unmeasurable. when choosing the General Contractor you should consider location, budget, schedules and more. While designing a custom home, your General contractor can greatly create an amazing or bad experience. Completing a successful design-build custom home can only be done if you have the right team in place, as your team will make or break it. So it is essential to start with the best to save time as well as have a great outcome.

1. Brainstorming – We’ll Help You Come Up With Creative Ideas

A professional General contractor will always listen to you and try to create something that is functional for you. The best way to initiate this is by brainstorming and creating a list of the characteristics that are needed and are non-negotiable. We like to start with a questionnaire that you can request. The kind of flooring you want, cabinets, countertops, master bathrooms, bedrooms, or maybe a wine room and specific exterior design.

Once the design build brainstorming is complete it times to draw blueprints. Our Inhouse Architect team will work together with you to create the perfect custom home design. During this time Kyle Bobbitt with special monitoring and management keep you in a loop about everything. We will let you know about tiny details as the plans progresses. The timeline to complete the custom home blueprints will depend on your project’s requirements.

2. Adjustments – Finetuning So You Get Exactly What You’re Looking For

Once your design build blueprint is complete we will send it for your review. WE like to setup an appointment to review the first preliminary set together to avoid confusion. If there is something specific you don’t want or something you’d like to add it can be altered during the design phase. This s extremally important to avoid costly delays and mistakes later. . Therefore, you’re free to make changes; however, keep in mind that the more you review the plan, the longer the drawings will take. This can mean means more time to complete the project if your in a time crunch. Therefore it is a must to have conversations openly with the construction team throughout the blueprint process.

3. Blueprints finalized – Time To Start Building!

Once the plan is finalized by our design team and signed off by you we take the next steps. We send them to the structural engineers who will take a look and make the necessary structural changes. What’s different is our ability to quickly turnaround engineer drawings and apply for permits. We achieve this by keeping our own designer inhouse ready to accommodate you. We make sure that everything in your plan is perfect, matches request, and is to your liking. Through this process, we will keep you engaged with the choices, not leaving you in the dark about how everything will turn out.


After the Permit is approved we will proceed with any infrastructure, grading, clearing, and foundation work. As your General contractor we will start to work on acquiring materials and contractors to build your home. We ask to keep in mind this is the most time-consuming portion of the project as it is carefully put together. Once the structure is complete we will immediately start with the interior finishes, as well as the exterior finishes. As the land is developed and budget permitting we like to aid in the design and construction of exterior features. Underground pools, artificial turf, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens etc. are a few of many options.


After the construction portion is done and you have a certificate of occupancy we are towards the end of the project. Your custom home is finally complete and ready for furniture. You might hear from friends or family how daunting the custom homebuilding process can be; however, with the help of Kyle Bobbitt LLC and our team, the experiences will be pleasant and simplified. We like to become Friends or like family throughout this process so we at least get invited to the barbecue.

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